CRE Investments: The 4 Best Choices You Can Make

When it comes to commercial real estate, location is only part of the equation. The type of property is equally important, and the current market is ripe for the taking. While some properties are more profitable than others, there are a few which are very much in-demand right now, and others which will always be lucrative. To that end, we have compiled a short list of the best CRE investments you can make right now.

Fix And Flip Homes

The current market for single family rentals is completely saturated. As the economy has become more stable, people across a number of demographics are looking to purchase first homes, and upgrade from their current living situations. Fortunately, there is an abundance of single family homes across the country waiting for a little tender loving care. The renovations will bring them up to code, and the little touches will increase their value dramatically. Fix and flip projects are one of the best CRE investments to make right now to fast revenue.

Multifamily Rentals

Multifamily rentals have also risen in demand. Depending on the locations, renters usually have easy access to schools, shopping, nightlife, medical care, work, and much more. Multifamily rentals offer a steady stream of income – whether it is simply supplemental from one or two units in an owner-occupied property, or thousands of dollars a month from an apartment complex. Multifamily rentals are some of the best CRE investments for those looking to transition away from their current careers and join the world of commercial real estate full-time.

Retail Stores And Office Space

Retail stores offer steady income, and can be rented to proprietors for a steady stream of income or sold for a large sum. With more new and niche businesses springing up, the forecast is very bright for CRE investments in retail properties. By extension, the same reasoning also applies for office buildings. The big difference, though, is that a large office building shared by multiple businesses can bring in rent on a much larger scale than individual storefronts, or even multifamily housing units.

Financing For CRE Investments

Securing financing for CRE investments is both easy and budget-friendly, with the right partner. Bayard Business Capital and Consulting can provide financing for CRE investments ranging from fix and flip projects, to multifamily rentals, retail, office space, and even larger properties, such as hotels and hospitals. If you are in need of financing, call our team today at 573-795-6390.

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