Monetizing Invoices For Rapid Business Growth

Many entrepreneurs believe business growth is a gradual process where goals are met incrementally and (to use a dreaded word) eventually. Equipment, marketing, hiring more staff – all of these things must be upgraded piecemeal as enough revenue is amassed over time. Some businesses will go so far as to take out bank loans in an attempt to expedite business growth, but as the cost of earnings, as future revenue goes toward paying off the loan for years to come. As a means of sidestepping potential debt, while also getting access to fast growth capital, many businesses have taken to monetizing invoices.

Monetizing Invoices: How It Works

Monetizing invoices is a simple as making an arrangement with a commercial finance company with the cash resources to cover the amounts owed by customers on open invoices. An agreement can usually be arranged and finalized in 48 to 72 hours, after which businesses can begin monetizing invoices by submitting them to the finance company. Submitted invoices are then converted to capital for the amount listed (minus a small processing fee) and given to the business in the form of cash.

The Fast Road To Business Growth

Monetizing invoices gives businesses the ability to accrue growth capital very quickly. Instead of sitting on invoices and waiting for customers to remit payment within (hopefully) the allotted time of the aging window, businesses can submit all open invoices and get a large influx of working capital all at once. This means entrepreneurs can take action on internal goals without having to wait, upgrade, or expand incrementally.

Zero Debt Solutions

Monetizing invoices not only allows for business growth, but it also sidesteps having to place debt on the balance sheets. Because this type of financing is considered a sale on receivables, it is not considered a loan. This means no debt and no credit checks. Business owners can preserve their credit ratings, and not hinder their chances for approval when seeking additional financing for other projects.

Get Started Now

If you would like to learn more about monetizing invoices, or if you would like to explore other financing options, call Bayard Business Capital and Consulting at 314-312-4603. We work with businesses of all sizes to provide financing solutions for growth capital and long-term success.

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