Getting St. Louis Businesses The Tools They Need with Equipment Financing 

Business owners in the St. Louis area need access to the latest equipment in order to deliver quality goods and services to their customers. Bayard Business Capital and Consulting helps local businesses get the tools they need to ensure success with our equipment financing and equipment leasing programs.

Our equipment financing program offers the following options: 

  • Fast 24 hour approval with no financial statements needed for applications up to $150,000
  • Three to five business days for middle market approval up to $500,000
  • Three to five business days for approval on large ticket items over $500,000

We can help your business acquire any type of equipment ranging from computers and office furniture, on up to big construction movers, manufacturing machines, and specialized medical equipment. Bayard Business Capital and Consulting will provide you with varied payment structures, and well as the option for small and no down payments.

Equipment Sale and Lease Back Financing

Bayard Business Capital and Consulting Inc. can also purchase your existing owned equipment from your business and lease it back to you in manageable payments. This gives local St. Louis based businesses an infusion of working capital without losing access to the equipment they need. Businesses can continue to use their equipment, and regain ownership once the financing is paid in full.

Startup Businesses 

We have an equipment leasing program so startups do not have to struggle with trying to cover the upfront cost of purchasing equipment. We provide special leasing and financing options to businesses that have been operating for less than two years.

Government and Municipal Programs

Bayard Business Capital and Consulting offers government and municipal equipment financing to several organizations, such as:

  • Public Schools and Libraries
  • State and City Agencies
  • Police and Fire Departments 

Rates for this program are based on agency ratings.

B, C, and D Credit Rating Program 

We can help businesses that have experienced financial setbacks, or have challenged or bad credit which makes securing funding from banks an impossibility. We can work with you through our “second chance” program to structure a lease that gives you access to the equipment your business needs to improve productivity and financial health.

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Do not let credit ratings and cash flow stop you from getting the right equipment for your company. Bayard Business Capital and Consulting offers the best equipment financing options in St. Louis. Contact us to learn more today.